Hi, I’m Corene.

I am so happy you decided to stop by and check out Leavenworth Adventures.

Are you an adventure seeker? Or does adventure scare you a little, or maybe a lot? Do you have a hard time stepping out of your comfort zone? Do you too often say no to something because of fear, excuses you tell yourself, or because someone else didn’t think it was a good idea?

This was me!

Choosing adventure was NOT a part of my daily life. I like to be safe and comfortable and participate in activities I know I am good at.

I’ve had adventurous phases in my life and always look back on those times with so much joy, excitement, and fondness. They were very special and pivotal times in my life. I even met my husband during one of those phases! 😀  But I often long to be more adventurous and too often I find fears and excuses holding me back.

No more.

Adventure Here I Come!

No more letting fear and excuses hold me back. After 32 years living in the greater Seattle area, my husband and I moved away from friends and family to start a new adventure in the small Bavarian mountain town Leavenworth, WA.

As soon as I saw what was ahead for me and my family in Leavenworth and I let go of the fear of what I would leave behind, my entire mindset in life changed.

Now I see endless possibilities and this has made me brave and adventurous.
It is freeing like I can do anything!

And now I am not afraid, I am actually excited, to step out of my comfort zone and move to a new area, meet new people and try A LOT of new things, including mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and writing and sharing my adventures here with you.

Leavenworth Adventures

The move to Leavenworth is providing my husband and I the opportunity to be adventurous in many areas of our daily life and this is where I will share those adventures with you and I invite you to join me in choosing adventure in the following areas:

Home: adventures creating a cozy rustic mountain home in Leavenworth, WA and adventures around the house such as with gardening, art, and cooking.

Outdoor: adventures exploring the outdoors, visiting new places, trying new outdoor activities and overall striving to live an active lifestyle.

Leavenworth, WA: adventures fully experiencing our new hometown Leavenworth, WA and eventually other new places around the world.

And occasionally I will share a random post that has nothing to do with any of these. 😀

Adventure comes in many forms and my vision for Leavenworth Adventures is to inspire dreaming, courage, and adventure in your daily life at home, out playing in the mountains, or wherever else you find yourself today.

I invite you to join me and let’s be adventurous together!

Corene, Owner and Blogger for Leavenworth Adventures: A Home and Outdoor Adventure Blog

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