How I Received FREE Neutral Wrapping Paper

How I Received FREE Neutral Wrapping Paper

I was planning to buy neutral wrapping paper this year to fit with our natural rustic Christmas style. However, I ended up receiving some for FREE in the mail. How, do you ask? It arrived in my Amazon order.

How I Received My FREE Neutral Wrapping Paper

The Amazon orders – I mean, early Santa deliveries – have been arriving at our house every other or every few days this last week. It was one of those nights I opened a box and was pleasantly surprised to discover neutral wrapping paper. And it was FREE! It is almost as if Santa, I mean Amazon?, I mean Santa?, knew exactly what I wanted. 😉

Using Packaging Paper as Christmas Wrapping Paper

My Beautiful FREE Neutral Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Presents Using Packaging Paper

This may not look beautiful initially as you can see it is the packaging paper, but I saw it as a brilliant idea – to use it as Christmas wrapping paper. Now that I had my neutral wrapping paper, I needed some sort of ribbon or string to complete the look I wanted, and that’s when I remembered I had this. (This post contains affiliate links. Click on the link to purchase the item)

Green Kraft Ribbon

The Finished Product

Here are a few of my simply wrapped presents using the packaging paper and Kraft ribbon. I LOVE how they turned out. I LOVE the simplicity!

Christmas Presents Wrapped with Neutral Packaging Paper and Green Kraft Ribbon

Christmas Present Wrapped with Packaging Paper and Green Kraft Ribbon

Neutral Wrapped Christmas Presents

My Christmas Presents

Wrapped Presents under the Glow of the Christmas Tree Lights

Presents under the Glowing Christmas Tree Lights – LOVE!!!

I even love the wrinkles/crinkles in the paper because it adds so much character to the presents!

Additional ribbon and wrapping options:

If you are looking for neutral or natural Christmas wrapping paper this season and you are ordering presents online, keep an eye out for your FREE wrapping paper. 😉

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